I’m glad you’re here. Let me introduce myself and my blog.

About me

I got into computer science when I was 12 and around 4 years later (in 2010) I started programming. Currently, I am a software developer with several years of experience in the industry, working in projects that involve computer vision and machine learning. I like everything that doesn’t come easily and I love solving problems and puzzles (including competitive programming).

Enjoying machine learning

I believe in positive impact of AI on our world. After hours, I develop my own projects that use deep learning. I’m not a kind of academic researcher, but instead I love playing with different machine learning problems and datasets, for fun. Every time I try to solve new problem, use new training methods or play with new tool that seems interesting to me.

Enjoy Machine Learning is a place where I write about my projects, share things that I just learned and spread the fun. I want to show other developers that everyone can do machine learning. You don’t need to be a PhD, high-end hardware or any special powers.

There are tools that simplify or even fully automatize the process of training and evaluation of ML models. I will show you tools that will help you implement models from scratch or resources (books, courses) that will help you understand them. I will show you how to find optimal parameters, track and visualize training history and results etc. I want to show you how to make ML easier and better.


What I do here is my hobby, I learn new stuff about machine learning everyday and I'd love to share it with you.

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