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Conference talks from the top-class ML creators and experts to watch online

Oct 29, 2020 · 3 mins read
Conference talks from the top-class ML creators and experts to watch online
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Conference talks or video tutorials are a great resource to learn programming, data science or anything else. These talks are even more precious if given by true experts and creators.

Here’s my list of YouTube channels that post videos from machine learning conferences. Most of them are fairly short, so you can watch them in your coffee time and I guarantee it’ll pay off.

PyTorch and TensorFlow conferences

Source: PyTorch YouTube channel

Figure 1. Source: PyTorch YouTube channel

Starting with the most popular positions on the list, PyTorch and TensorFlow channels have a lot of videos from the most impactful machine learning companies and individuals you should already know.

Obviously, both channels focus on their tools (PyTorch a bit less actually). You may learn how to use them efficiently, but at the same time you can hear about how Tesla, Uber or Microsoft use these for their flagship projects.

🎬 # of videos: ~73 (PyTorch) , ~352 (TensorFlow)
🥇 I recommend: PyTorch at Tesla — Andrej Karpathy, Tesla

Scaled ML Conference

Source: Scaled ML Conference YouTube channel

Figure 2. Source: Scaled ML Conference YouTube channel

I found this one recently and I really loved it. Scaled ML Conference videos will show you how to use machine learning at a scale and how it’s done in companies like Facebook, Google or Microsoft. These talks are less focused on specific tools (compared to PyTorch/TensorFlow videos), but some of them also feature well-known parts of machine learning projects like MLFlow, Keras framework.

If you’re interested in ML scalability or productionization, I believe you should add these videos to your watchlist. I just did.

🎬 # of videos: ~19
🥇 I recommend: Megan Kacholia — ML at Google Scale


Source: MLconf YouTube channel

Figure 3. Source: MLconf YouTube channel

Although not so popular, MLconf channel provides over 250 videos on machine learning from both theoretical and practical perspective. Talks published there don’t revolve on any specific aspect of ML.

You can hear about using bayesian optimization to fine-tune models and then watch another presentations focused on e.g. data labelling or scaling ML solutions. Everyone will find something they are looking for and I think that’s a strong point for this conference.

Many videos describe use-cases and applications of machine learning in real world, such as: detecting Alzheimer’s disease from speech, personalizing recommendations or conversational AI (in Amazon Alexa) and they are presented by senior engineers or CTOs of top-tech companies.

🎬 # of videos: ~265
🥇 I recommend: videos showing how top brands use ML (couldn’t pick one)

Machine Learning Conference

Source: Machine Learning Conference YouTube channel

Figure 4. Source: Machine Learning Conference YouTube channel

Similarly to MLconf, Machine Learning Conference has a huge variety of talks. You’ll find there a gentle introduction to reinforcement learning or BERT. On the other hand, you can learn how to track ML projects and build CI/CD for them. More than that, you can hear about ethic or security issues related to machine learning solutions. Tons of knowledge about AI in one place.

🎬 # of videos: ~67
🥇 I recommend: Reinforcement Learning: a gentle Introduction and industrial Application | Dr. Christian Hidber

What else?

Leave a comment if you know of another conference or similar resource where ML specialists share their knowledge. It can be a YouTube channel, podcast or whatnot. Share it with others! 📢

Header photo by Samuel Pereira on Unsplash