If I had to pick only one tool that makes machine learning easier for everyone...

If you read my posts or take a look at my projects, it comes as no surprise that I use Google Colab a lot in my machine learning projects. Each time I start a new project, I create a ...

in Tools, Nov 04, 2020

Organizing work with Neptune tool for experiment tracking and visualizations

Whenever I start a new project that will require running a hundreds of experiments, integration with experiment tracking tools is the very first thing I add to my code. Such tools can...

in Project Tracking, Visualization, Oct 13, 2020

Finding good learning rate for your neural nets using PyTorch Lightning

Among of all hyperparameters used in machine learning, learning rate is probably the very first one you hear about. It may also the one that you start tuning in the first place. You c...

in Neural Networks, Tools, Sep 24, 2020

How to use data from Google Drive in Colab and what can possibly go wrong

Google Colab is extremely useful if you want to train your machine learning models in cloud for free. It allows you to use free GPU and a decent amount of disk space for your training...

in Tools, Tutorial, Sep 05, 2020

Don't give up on machine learning because of your low-end hardware

Year by year machine learning models are getting more advanced, more accurate and break performance records. We collect more data and we use more complex models. Although it’s a good ...

in Education, Tools, Aug 10, 2020


Conference talks from the top-class ML creators and experts to watch online

Conference talks or video tutorials are a great resource to learn programming, data science or anything else. These talks are even more precious if given by true experts and creators.

in Education, Resources, Oct 29, 2020