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Writing about Software Engineering, Machine Learning and MLOps.

Machine learning is one of the hottest keywords in recent years, in IT world and beyond. State-of-the-art solutions keep blowing our minds and make us want to have more and more of ML in our projects and products.

Unfortunately, people seem to want and use machine learning even if they don’t need or understand it. When used blindly, ML code becomes nothing but mysterious black-box and can be cursedly difficult to maintain.

If you find this familiar and want to know more about:

  • demystifying AI to both beginners and experienced engineers,
  • doing MLOps, ML systems and infrastructure design the right way.

hop in and take a read!


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paper recommendations

  1. SculleyMLDebt
    Machine Learning: The High Interest Credit Card of Technical Debt
    Sculley, D., Holt, Gary, Golovin, Daniel, Davydov, Eugene, Phillips, Todd, Ebner, Dietmar, Chaudhary, Vinay, and Young, Michael
    In SE4ML: Software Eng. for ML (NIPS 2014 Workshop) 2014