Launched in 2022, EnjoyMachineLearning is a home for those Machine Learning lovers.

Researching and finding new and innovative ways to push the technical boundary with Machine Learning is what this business is about.

As stated above, EnjoyMachineLearning is a website by and for those who love all things Machine Learning.

It’s a realm where you can find information about any random idea, as long as it’s about Machine Learning.

Learning is one of humans’ greatest gifts and something we do not take lightly at EML.

We want you to feel confident that every article we’ve done wasn’t just thrown together.

James is a veteran in the SEO space and has 12 years of data science experience (before it was even called data science) that he calls upon during outreach.

Stewart, while newer to the space, still brings immense knowledge.

Stewart has a master’s degree from a top engineering school and works daily as an Artificial Intelligence engineer.

This website is a brain dump for Stewart and James, a place to share what they know as they push the technical envelope and dive deeper into machine learning.

We hope you enjoy our blog, and if you do, leave us a comment!

James Smith II, Writer & Outreach